• Callum Henderson

How are you going to go viral on TikTok?

What do TikTok influencers think about the algorithm?

Below the banner are my favourite tips from recording the first 10 episodes for getting a post to start moving quickly.

Factors to consider if you want your posts to fly on TikTok are..

Length - 8 to 12 seconds is ideal for keeping a viewer's attention but anything under 5 seconds won't get on the For You Page.

You want a high percentage of people to watch all the way to the end of your post, if you are going for 15 seconds or more, be sure to really grab the attention of your audience at the start.

Music - Make sure your soundtrack is relevant, and if you can time the lyrics to match the visuals your audience will love it; increasing likes and comments.

# of Watches - You want to find ways of getting your audience to multi-watch the same video and it will get promoted in the algorithm.

Shares - The more your post is sent to other users on the platform, or shared outside of TikTok by your viewers the higher your video will be ranked.

Progress The Visuals - If what your viewer is watching is dynamic and updates every few seconds whether that be a new shot or additional text it will keep them on your content and stop them moving to the next video.

Deleting Videos - Don't do it! The algorithm judges everything you've posted and your behaviour, so deleting an old video can stop a future video from performing well. Just mark it as private instead.

What have you found to be the best ways of getting your videos to get a strong organic reach?

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