• Callum Henderson

Going Live on TikTok

Every influencer I have spoken to has let me in on a little secret..

They were petrified the first time they went live, so don't believe the common misconception that you are born with the skills to be comfortable "Live" - it's a muscle you need to develop.

Below are some gems from my guests that should help make it simpler for you.

Remember, you can't go live until you have 1000 followers.

1. Take an eye-catching photo as you go-live. People are going to get a notification in their inbox. This photo is an advert to get people to join you.

2. You can also advertise your live with some text, ask a question, people like talking about themselves and will be more likely to join as they want to answer.

Eg. "What did you get for Christmas?"

3. If you are unsure what to say, then ask your audience. Things like "Where is everyone from?" are safe and get some interaction going as you build confidence.

4. Check TikTok's terms before you go live, they are super strict if you breach them and you can be banned for over a week.

5. If you are offering something educational then plan out your live session in advance. Free-styling can be tough when you are relaying a specific message.

6. Going live is a great way to convert followers into fans, so make sure you are super engaging and focused when you start a session. It's not something to do when you are distracted, or may need to shoot off at short notice.

7. Fans can donate money through your live session. Work out if this sits well with you in advance. Remember, creating content is time consuming and if people want to pay you for your work, then you should accept. However, it's worth making sure people are in a financial position to donate if you think it's something you aren't 100% comfortable with.

What other features would you like to be explored in more detail in a future episode?

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