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"I feel really responsible for 'my kids' because they are watching someone they look up to as a role model, and I don't want to be a bad influence."

Rosalie Jansen



"You can do it in a clean, family-friendly way and I want to help others be more kind, be more loving and to be more thankful."

Joselyn V



"I wasn't looking for another platform which equals more work, and most of the attitudes amongst people my age about TikTok were negative. But now I'm accessing women all over the World."

Jennifer Cline





After downloading TikTok and experiencing the whirlwind first few hours using it, I knew I wouldn't be alone in struggling to get up to speed.

There is an inevitable culture clash as older generations, businesses and new users start to try harnessing the power TikTok offers and this show accelerates your ability to feel comfortable so you can start creating amazing content.

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